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Coaching Fathers into Champion Dads

Join our Coaching Father’s team as we rally the crowd in support of the initiative. This year we welcome Marty Brennaman to the game.

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Children without the presence of a father are more likely to experience poverty, have behavioral issues, commit a crime, or experience teen pregnancy. To end the cycle we must help expecting and existing fathers find their confidence as a dad.

Your donation to Father Services by Pathway to Hope helps dads here in Butler County, where more than 18,000 homes are absent of a father. Every dollar supports our mission through programs and services designed to inspire confidence in fathers, impacting the crisis of father absence in America.

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Current Needs

               At times Coaching Fathers programs will have specific needs. Our current needs include:

  • Coaching Fathers is looking for writers! If you are interested in writing- from social media posts to blog articles- please reach out to our Storyteller, Stacy Dickman, at

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