Expecting Dads


Preparing for Dadhood builds in you the skills needed to be a dad. This program combines parenting classes with life skills to prepare you to be the best father you can be. This program is offered as a one-on-one coaching service as needed.

Throughout the pregnancy, you will learn:

  • First Trimester: communicating with our expecting Dads on their feelings and situation. 
  • Second Trimester:  Offering information to our expecting Dads on how to provide for his baby, create and follow a budget, and accept new responsibilities.
  • Third Trimester:  creating a desire to look forward to delivery, the days that follow, life change to come, and his future.
  • Situation specific lessons:  Cover topics on Abstinence, 2nd Virginity,
    Circumcision, STD’s, Living Together, Porn, Marriage, Who is God,  and  What the Bible says about money, sex and marriage.
  • Plans made for ongoing support.

For more information, or to schedule an introductory session, contact us by filling out the form below or calling us at 513-499-2423.